Welcome to Maximize University!

I'm Maeghan, Real Estate Broker and Mentor.

In 2018 I obtained my salesperson license and after joining a team for a short while, I took a leap of faith and founded The MWM Team.

Business tripled within just ONE year as I began to get organized and put all my processes in place.

I created systems to help me stay organized and run a SMALL but MIGHTY team. Those systems, processes and automations granted me so much more of my time back. It was like having a virtual assistant on my team.

Once business continued to grow, I was able to afford to hire a full time coordinator to manage the amazing systems put in place. If you want to tap more into MAXIMIZING your biz through my systems, step by step processes and automations you're in the right place.

I am so excited to see you maximize this year! For FIRST hand updates on masterclasses, coaching courses, resources and more, click that "Join the Maximize Crew" button.